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"Bowie Starman are so much more than a mere tribute act who ‘look and sound a bit like the original band’. The first time I saw and heard them play was a real shivers-down-the-backbone moment. I witnessed the real thing around the world, many times: it couldn’t be, could it? Superlative musicianship, skilled interpretation, and irresistible exuberance guarantee the closest possible alternative to a genuine Bowie gig. Honouring his distinctive sound and unique presentation, Bowie Starman perform their hero’s best-loved songs with wit, respect, and tongue-in-cheek. David would have loved them.”

Lesley-Ann Jones – Long-Time Friend Who Toured with David and the Author of the Bestseller HERO: David Bowie

“How can a show that isn't an impersonation bring you closer to David Bowie than any other? Awesome musicianship, great vocals, state-of-the-art media and lighting, plus a heartfelt and genuine respect for the man and his music. All performed in a style fitting to the creative genius that is David Bowie.”

“Simply the best Bowie sounds you will hear performed by the world’s finest Bowie band. A night of breath-taking Bowie brilliance – forget anything you've seen before. Bowie Starman is simply on another level.”

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues when the highly charged show Bowie Starman comes to town. Packed with songs from all eras of Bowie’s celebrated career, from “Rebel Rebel” and “China Girl” to “Let’s Dance”, “Young Americans”, “Ashes to Ashes”, and “Life on Mars”. If you only get to see one David Bowie show this year, make sure it is Bowie Starman. Check out their 2018 tour dates to find the performance closest to you.

The 2018 Tour

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Although David Bowie is unfortunately no longer with us, his music and legend must live on forever. The performances by Bowie Starman make sure that his legacy is never forgotten. Bowie Starman is a David Bowie group that travels throughout the UK and Worldwide, playing high-calibre shows that delight audiences. All of your favourite David Bowie songs are performed by this talented group, who use more than 30 years of performing experience to offer a night of unforgettable entertainment.

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